• Country of Origin
    Our products are handcrafted at our studio in Sacramento CA, USA. Items may include some materials from other countries, (woods, fasteners, embellishments, clockworks, etc). Design and product assembly is proudly made in the USA.

  • Materials Used
    Various materials are used in the making of our products. We make every effort to insure that our products are suitable  for home use. NOTE- It is the customer’s responsibility to determine an item’s suitability for any particular purpose.

  • Art Resin
    Art Resin has been evaluated by a certified toxicologist at the American Society for Testing and Materials as being non-toxic when used as directed (conforms to ASTM D4236).

  • Stone Coat Art Epoxy
    This is a high temperature tolerant epoxy coating. We use this for coasters, trivets and any product that may be exposed to temperatures above ambient.

  • Woods
    We use a variety of woods in many of our products. As a rule, wood is considered a safe material. In it’s finished state, wood related allergies are greatly reduced. You can find more info about specific wood properties here -

  • Finishes
    Wipe-on poly is our standard finish for the majority of products that contain wood. Products used outdoors use an exterior grade polyurethane coating.

    Please contact us at if you have any questions regarding materials used in our products.