Arm Warmers / Fingerless Gloves - Black/Gray

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As they say in Game of Thrones, “Winter is Coming”! 

You may be reading this in the middle of July, but we all know that winter (and the holiday season) creeps up on us… sometimes unexpectedly! Wouldn’t it feel amazing to have a jump on your holiday gifting early this year? The women in your life will love these luxurious arm warmers/fingerless gloves!

They are “upcycled” from fine wool, angora and cashmere sweaters. They’re soft and warm and still leave the fingertips bare so that you can text freely (and show off those lovely nails) :0)

Embrace the coming of winter and warm someone’s heart… and arms.

NOTE- One-of-a-kind (in this case) is literally ONE-OF-A-KIND. There is only ONE of each arm warmer pair. Once one pair is purchased… it is gone. Every pair is unique, special and you got it…one-of-a-kind :0)

Care and use: Machine (or hand) wash and lay flat to dry.

Product Specs and Materials

Materials:  Any combination of:  fine wool, angora, cashmere. 

Embellished with mixed media and fun findings (buttons, etc).

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Wt: 2 oz

Shpg Wt: 1 lb